Lotus International Company has state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to help you reduce overhead cost while responding flexibly to changes in production volumes and needs through our assembly and integration services.  Our highly trained staff are skilled in a variety of technical applications, testing and quality assurance, delivering only the best to your customers. We put our technical expertise to work for you, designing solutions specific to your needs.

We provide assembly and integration services that allow our customers to streamline their operations while reducing overhead costs and capacity constraints. Our hands-on automotive experience combined with a flexible and skilled workforce allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to businesses that are looking to outsource part of their assembly and testing operations.


With both forward and reverse logistics capability, we handle the many functions required to manage, warehouse and deliver your products in the most cost effective, efficient way.  Our powerful data systems, combined with supply chain management experience, take the pain out of logistics and distribution.


At Lotus International Company, we have the capability and expertise to maximize value by refurbishing products or harvesting assets toward maximizing resources and revenues.  We put our refurbished and remanufactured products through the same level of testing and quality assurance as our newly manufactured products, and kit them in a way to maximize efficiency and value.  Let us help you take your aftermarket program to the next level.