More so now than ever, the reusing and repurposing of electronics to sell as refurbished products is not only good for the environment, it’s also good business. Lotus International Company provides a variety of repair solutions that not only reduce environmental impact, but positively improve your bottom line.

Our experienced technicians first assemble the needed components through a kitting process and then sort according to model or serial number. They then perform a comprehensive root cause analysis to determine whether the product should be repaired or degraded, depending on the cost and market needs. Finally, the product is repaired, refurbished or degraded accordingly.

With our strong technical repair capabilities LCD module and open-cell repair, TAB and COG bonding, POL replacement, automated heat aging chambers and full ERP support—we can rebuild, process, package and deliver up to 500 high quality, remanufactured products daily, complete with kitting, packaging, accessories, and warranty, ready to be sold as a factory remanufactured item. Our repair solutions give you yet another option to flexibly respond to the market conditions, economics and needs of customers.