At Lotus, our high-volume, automated assembly lines are capable of handling various electronic assemblies, including LCD TV sets up to 70”. These lines are capable of producing large volumes of multiple products simultaneously.

Our assembly and manufacturing services allow our customers to streamline their operations while reducing overhead costs and capacity constraints. With our hands-on experience and flexible, skilled workforce, Lotus can offer a cost-effective solution to businesses that are looking to outsource part or all of their assembly and testing operations.

Lotus either works with manufacturers on a consignment basis or manages the entire build-to-order process. In the foremost situation mentioned, manufacturers supply the components, and we assemble the parts according to specifications. We then use our industry-standard Aging Process to test each newly-assembled unit and perform final inspections before packaging them for delivery. We are fully equipped to manufacture thousands of units per day.

Alternatively, we can also manage the entire supply chain from procurement, logistics and assembly, to testing services and final delivery of the product, as required by our customers.