The first step for any returned product is the kitting process. Our highly skilled technicians perform preliminary tests and record the model and serial numbers to initiate the sorting process. We then perform comprehensive testing and inspections, and each unit’s faults are diagnosed. Our industry experts then determine whether it is in the client’s best financial interest to repair or degrade each unit, based on market conditions and the degree of repair required. If the unit is suitable for degradation, we are able to recover value through our harvesting process and ensure that all material is properly recycled. In most cases, repairs are prescribed and we are able to add value to the units, utilizing our complete LCD repair services. These services include:

  • LCD module and open cell repair capabilities up to 65”
  • TAB & COG bonding
  • POL replacement up to 65”
  • Fully automated, heated aging chambers
  • World-Class IT infrastructure for product & component tracking

Once the repairs and aging processes are complete, our packaging lines are ready to repackage up to 500 units per day, complete with all packaging, accessories, and warranty information necessary to prepare the unit for resale in factory remanufactured condition.