Lotus International Company, a registered minority supplier, can help you reduce overhead cost while responding flexibly to changes in production volumes with our assembly and integration services.  Our staff is highly skilled in automotive applications, giving you a variety of options when you want to outsource part of your assembly or testing operations.  Our track record speaks for itself; we contribute directly to the success of our automotive customers. 


Our highly configurable, automated assembly lines give us the ability to manufacture a variety of different products, including LCD TVs up to 70”.  Our highly trained and experienced staff build your product in a manufacturing process specifically designed to meet the technical and quality assurance requirements for that product.  Look no further if you need a creative, comprehensive and flexible solution to your manufacturing needs.  Our high-volume, automated assembly line is capable of handling various electronic assemblies.  Additional lines operating independently provide capabilities to produce large volumes of multiple products simultaneously.

Medical Devices

At Lotus International Company, we apply our experience, manufacturing capability, and quality control expertise gained over years of manufacturing consumer electronics to manufacturing of high-quality, innovative medical devices.  With our 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art, class 1,000 and 10,000 clean rooms we are able to meet the high standards required of medical device companies. Let us help you transform the lives of people through technology by manufacturing devices to monitor health and improve patient lives.

Consumer Products

Unique and innovative consumer products are commercialized at a dizzying pace today, presenting manufacturers with a number of challenges. Lotus International Company is a vertically integrated, full-service contract manufacturing operation that can flexibly respond to these conditions to overcome those challenges. Find out how our powerful ERP systems, automated end-to-end processes, and flexible automated manufacturing capability can help reduce your cost and time-to-market, while improving efficiencies.