At Lotus, we’re particularly proud of our successful history of supporting our customers since 1992. Our long-term success relies on the relationships we have developed, not only with our customers and supply partners, but also our valued employees. While business results are important, the way we conduct business is equally important and defines the high-integrity of our company.

Continuous improvement is a high priority at Lotus. We optimize processes, adjust workflows and conduct regular training in order to ensure employee safety, while improving production efficiencies. Lotus has high standards and innovation with implementing industry-best practices, so each employee contributes towards value creation for our customers. In order to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations, we foster a collaborative environment based on a strong set of corporate values. Our values, the bedrock of our philosophy, are based on TRUE principles: Teamwork, Respect, Urgency and Excellence.

Teamwork:  Aligning everyone to achieve common goals.

Respect: Openly expressing ideas to foster innovative work environment.

Urgency: Completing work on time, within budget while mitigating risks.

Excellence: Delivering highest quality products and services to our customers.