Lotus’ experience, knowledge, facilities, and capabilities allow us to assemble a variety of finished products and sub-assemblies, utilizing our high volume, flexible assembly lines. Assembly lines are scalable to handle small or delicate sub-assemblies to very large flat screen televisions. Three strategic benefits Lotus’ assembly operations provide our customers are Value, Quality and Delivery.

Our customers trust us to manage their product assembly processes due to our total value proposition, high quality standards and on-time delivery performance. We assume the responsibility for our customers, which allows them to focus on their core business principles of product innovation and sales. Our manufacturing staff and integrated technologies help reduce costs by eliminating steps in the supply chain and waste streams, while synchronizing demand with just-in-time deliveries. Cost savings come from economies of scale leveraging our vast infrastructure, which allows us to service many customers simultaneously.

Lotus’ certified quality control system is the cornerstone of our operational procedures, designed to ensure incoming materials meet specifications. Detailed process controls and defect prevention are closely tracked to ensure the end product meets the highest quality standards demanded by our customers.

Our facility is strategically located in the Midwest, close to main highways and thoroughfares allowing us to deliver goods to the majority of the country within only a couple days.