People’s needs change daily, driving fast-paced innovation in the consumer products sector. As consumers, we have come to expect superior quality products to be delivered quickly to our doorstep at a reasonable cost, which presents significant challenges to consumer electronics manufacturers. Lotus is not just meeting these challenges, but exceeding expectations with flexible assembly lines customized to meet the specific needs of your product. We alleviate your burden by optimizing our processes for increased efficiency, allowing us to manufacture your product in the most cost effective way. World-class quality is ensured by incorporating assurance steps into our manufacturing processes and final product testing.

Lotus delivers a solution that works best for you, whether it’s on consignment for a specific application with customer-supplied components, or a build-to-order, end-to-end process. Furthermore, we are vertically integrated and have expertise to manage the entire supply chain from product development, demand management, order fulfilment, procurement, manufacturing, flow management, supplier relationship management to handling of returns.

Let Lotus help you stay ahead of your competition, allowing you to focus on your core ompetencies like product design, development, marketing, and sales, while leaving the rest to us.