Product returns are often viewed as a complicated, unavoidable cost of doing business. Lotus’ integrated strategies offer ODM/OEM and distributor’s efficient processes that result in quick turn-around times and improved brand recognition while generating profitability.

Manufacturers and distributors today must adapt rapidly to market fluctuations in order to compete; those with processes in place to remanufacture or refurbish products can convert damaged inventory into salable goods, recapturing value that would otherwise be lost. This is one Lotus’ core competencies, seeing as we assist the largest OEMs in the world with recapturing lost revenue on returns, providing prompt service to their customers, ensuring environmental regulation compliance, operating cost reduction and improving product quality. A significant benefit of having a strategic returns handling process—especially for CE companies—is to minimize or eliminate contamination of your brand through secondary markets. OEMs and brand owners that randomly liquidate their product returns assume the risk of non-conforming products either directly competing in their current retail channels, spoiling their brand name, or worse, falling victim to an environmental crisis which can result in lawsuits.

As a leading service provider to the CE industry, Lotus analyzes your specific product return requirements and implements a detailed plan to eliminate waste streams, while identifying the best recovery opportunity for each product. Whether a repair and return, refurbish to stock, rework or proper recycling, our comprehensive solutions not only ensure maximum recovery value, but supply critical knowledge about your products via the data we collect.

A comprehensive reverse logistics program works as a competitive advantage by developing collaborative, strategic efforts that reduce overall value-chain costs, improve asset recovery, and enhance post-sale service.